Bookmaker Support

One of the major roles of RDT is to support racecourse bookmakers on race days as well as away from the racecourse with our software and hardware. RDT service every race meeting in England, Scotland and Wales every day. We provide support for hardware malfunctions which have included the following:

  • Laptop malfunction due to water damage, accidents, viruses, hardware failures etc.
  • Cable failures including power, data, printer, scanner and keyboard.
  • Power issues with our custom 24v batteries which could include cell damage, blown fuses or regulator damage.
  • LED display problems which might include power and data failures.

RDT support for all eventualities and are able to complete repairs on-course. Occasionally we may provide bookmakers with a replacement unit to enable them to continue trading on that day. 

In the event of the item having to go back to head office to be repaired, we will arrange to return the repaired item to the bookmaker at an agreed racecourse.

On Course Network

Together with the hardware and software support, our on course technicians build a wireless network at each meeting to service all the betting rings at that meeting.

This network allows the RDT software to connect to the on course server and allow the bookmaker to trade with the betting exchange Betdaq. It also allows the stable networking of remote pitches should the bookmaker have multiple pitches and wish to collate bets taken at each pitch into one book.

The on course server acts as a portal to allow the compilation of betting shows and the starting prices by SiS and TurfTv.